Docusate Sodium Side Effects

Side effects of Docusate Sodium may include stomach pain, cramping or diarrhea. Liquid forms may cause throat irritation. In very rare cases, rectal bleeding or an allergic reaction may occur. Symptoms of allergic reactions include: itching, swelling of the tongue or throat, dizziness and trouble breathing. Docusate Sodium should not be taken with mineral oil, aspirin, drugs containing phenolphthalein or potassium supplements as adverse drug interactions may occur.

If an overdose is suspected, a local poison control center or emergency room should be contacted immediately.

Docusate Sodium is for the temporary relief of constipation Prolonged use may lead to a dependency on laxatives. Constipation can be prevented by eating a high fiber diet (containing whole grain breads and cereals, bran, fruit and green leafy vegetables), drinking fluids and exercising regularly.

Unless recommended by a doctor, Docusate Sodium should not be taken during pregnancy, by breastfeeding mothers or by children under 6 years old.

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